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Secrets of the Harp Guitar in EU

Today I would like to remind you of a very special heart project that was created 3 years ago - Secrets of the Harp Guitar in Europe - ready for download or hardcopy in my SHOP

"The harp guitar has come full circle with Europe's own harp guitarists celebrating a captivating sound that is intensely melodic, often divided across octaves like pianistic passages, that can be classical in feel, both baroque and modern. One of its secrets is to add to the mix of sub-bass, melody, and chords with an additional octave of super treble strings that extends the range even further with bell-like clarity. It's virtuosity and playfulness, at times medieval and otherworldly, is like a London nightclub trio, or a Spanish guitar in all of is machismo splendor, or India's classical music tradition that suggests a third world bazaar. But the true experience of the Harp Guitar in Europe will be in its listening - Bon Appétit!"

Words by JOHN DOAN - Emmy-nominated Master of Harp Guitar, Composer & Storyteller


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