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 Music for Meditation, Yoga, Coming Home, music inspired by beautiful moments

of your life or by your dreams, also by pictures/paintings - or you just want to give a loved

one something sweet - created according to your inspirations.

Played on Instruments like Harp Guitar, Nylon & Steelstring Guitars,

Classical Guitar, Wooden & Steel Irish Flutes, Bansuri, Gambe,

Fretless Bass, Piano, Keyboards, Percussion & Frame Drum;


I do/did also Compositions, Arrangements, Soundscapes for TV, Movies,

Advertising/Jingles, Office/Business, Settings/Logo Music,

Background Music for spoken word CDs and much more.

The music will be Recorded, Mixed & Mastered and comes to you as a download or CD.

Please contact me for more info.

Music created for YOU - Trailer with music I did for Customers 


Music created for YOU

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