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Anniversary 30 years

Out Of Blue


1993 Ali Angerer & Harald Peterstorfer establish the Austrian Band "OUT OF BLUE" featuring Austria´s leading saxophone player, Wolfgang Puschnig.


1994 Ali and Harald released their first CD, "On The Right Places“ - ATS Records, which showed the individuality and the refinement of their music.


At this time the style of OUT OF BLUE was considerably influenced by their

co-operation with musicians from India, Indonesia (1995), Brasil (1996)

and advanced jazz harmonics.


1997 OUT OF BLUE was invited to the international JAZZFESTIVAL WIESEN/Austria with their program "Great Story Of A Home“ - PAO Records.

It was the only band from Austria which was invited.


1998 OUT OF BLUE gave a concert at Jazzfestival Cheltenham/England. Parts of the concert had been broadcasted on radio BBC with OUT OF BLUE described as "One of the most original European bands on the jazz scene“


1999 and the spring of 2000, the succesful band again prepared a very interesting new project, "The Legend Of The Red Stone" - an artistic web of new, moving compositions best described as "The best music near silence."

2002 OUT OF BLUE got a recording deal with UNIVERSAL MUSIC. Their new album and forthcoming tour, "Returns To The Light“ were highly successful. New in the band was Aija-Riitta Holopainen - RIJA - from Finland with her unbelievable nordic voice.

2005 OUT OF BLUE started their new project  "OUT OF BLUE "World Edition"

- a sensitive musical combination of various impressions of genres from all over the world...oriental, nordic, jazz, classical and shamanism...


2007 OUT OF BLUE created a second band name - the music was now most influenced from RIJA´s singing - so OUT OF BLUE played concert´s

with the new name RIJA


2009 RIJA released their first CD, "Sarastus“ on On Silenzio the CD ranked 34th SELLING WORLDWIDE...“Sarastus“ is a collection of touching compositions with interesting instruments such as electric dulcimer, nordic voice, erhu, harp guitar, accordion, frame drum´s and much more. The album includes very well known guests from the USA such as JOHN DOAN on harpguitar and DAVID DARLING (ECM Records) on cello

2013 RIJA released their new CD "Silent Heart“ at Silenzio - RIJA - exquisite voice from Finland – combined with finest Austrian musicians - inspired by the north and other selected places of the world. A beautiful collection of magical compositions and arrangements by Harald Peterstorfer -




2013 celebrates 20 YEARS of OUT OF BLUE! There´s a new, very special and colorful program called "Essential Dreams“ - OOB revisits their first musical journeys from1993 and will play again as a trio - now with acoustic instruments - which leads the sound of OUT OF BLUE into a magical new world -


2023 Anniversary 30 YEARS of OUT OF BLUE!

The new CD Out Of Blue "FABLES" will be out in Autumn 2023

Line Up:

Wolfgang Puschnig - Saxophone, Flute

Harald Peterstorfer - Guitars

Ali Angerer - Tuba

David Halasz - Drums & Percussion


Early Out Of Blue 1993

Ali Angerer       Bernhard Berger       Harald Peterstorfer

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