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CD "Diary from Within" with Monika Stadler

Monika Stadler - Concert Harp and Vocals
Harald Peterstorfer - Harp Guitar, Nylon & Nashville Guitar, Oğur sazı, Fretless Bass, Flute, Percussions


Of the many encounters in our lives, only very special ones have the power

to nourish our soul. This is exactly what the new album "Diary from Within"

by Monika Stadler(concert harp & vocal) and

Harald Peterstorfer (harp guitar & additional instruments)is about.

The fact that the music was created spontaneously, improvisation in it´s purest form, is what sets it apart. This requires a very deep musical relationship and a common vision.


The listener perceives this music as pleasantly flowing compositions, as contemplative music from the heart, which with its variety and creativity has the power to touch the souls of many people.


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Buy physical CD "Diary from Within"

15 Euro + for postage please contact me

Buy CD download "Diary from Within"

whole album 10 Euro - for single track please contact me



Harald plays his compositions inspired from Scandinavia to Anatolia,

from Celtic to ECM style - on instruments such as Harp Guitar,

Classical and Steel String Guitar, Saz, Flutes and many others.

With international guests like JOHN DOAN, FALK ZENKER,


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Buy physical CD "Secret Garden"

15 Euro + for postage please contact me

Buy CD download "Secret Garden"

whole album 10 Euro - for single track please contact me

CD "Secrets of the Harp Guitar in Europe" 


is a collaboration by 10 distinct Harp Guitarists from across Europe.  

A genuine journey through musical imagination.


I am very proud to have been a part of this project -

each player has donated their best track to put together this unique collection,

showcasing the amazing and beautiful world of Harp Guitar music.  

Contains jazz, folk, medieval, classical, modern, eastern and original styles.


"Compositions that push and expand the limits of guitar playing in previously un-imagined polyphonies...always enchants with innovative playing technique, multi-layered composition and taste...A breathtaking, full beautiful sound and a lot of atmosphere. Excellent!" 

AKUSTIK GITARRE Magazine (Germany)


Beautifully put together with wonderful artwork and photographs throughout, 

and includes and introduction by American Harp Guitar legend John Doan 

and features a 12 page booklet with details of the players, instruments and luthiers involved.  


An absolute 'must have' for any fans of acoustic guitar music!


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Buy physical CD "Harp Guitar in EU"

15 Euro + for postage please contact me

Buy CD download "Harp Guitar in EU"

whole album 10 Euro - for single track please contact me

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